Pacific Ridge Hockey Club, (PRHC) was formed in the summer of 2015 to participate in the Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League, (ADHSHL). Its humble beginnings were grounded in the simple concept that high school players could play top-level hockey without giving up their ability to enjoy academic excellence, personal life balance, and family balance.

From the start, everything we have built has focused on these core values. We see it every season within our small community of Southern California – good hockey players leaving our community to pursue both academic and hockey excellence away from home. We believe this is unnecessary and we are now positioned to offer the same level of exposure and challenges these players seek with our entrance to the North America Prospect Hockey League (NAPHL), part of the North American Hockey League (NAHL).

We are proud of our partnership with Pacific Ridge School, (PRS). While PRHC has continued to expand and grow our level of competition and development for our hockey players, PRS has and continues to be one of preeminent prep schools in California. With a 100% college acceptance rate of the senior class, our hockey players are true scholar-athletes. This is key to our players as they pursue their potential to play NCAA hockey.

Our program is run by coaches who have both hockey and academic experience. Serving as both coaches and teachers/staff members at the school, they combine for over 100 years of hockey experience and 75 years of academic experience. This unification of responsibility ensures our coaches are aware of the challenges these scholar-athletes face. Our players are on the ice at least 6 hours a week during the season and an additional 2 – 3 hours of off-ice conditioning.

If you are a parent or player who is serious about hockey and academics, the PRS/PRHC option is something you should consider. If you are tired of trying to balance the rigor of high-level hockey, excellence in the classroom and a balanced personal life, PRHC is where you will find these three objectives have become a single goal you can achieve. Come visit the campus, come talk to the coaches and staff. You will see PRHC is something truly special.

Todd A. Cadieux
Hockey Director & General Manager
[email protected]


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