Q: If I come to Pacific Ridge and play on the Hockey club team, will I earn PE credits for my time playing and practicing?

A: Yes. Participating on the hockey team is the same as participating in any other sport Pacific Ridge offers.

Q: If the team has to travel to out of town tournaments, will the teachers help me to identify best practices to keep up my studies?

A: Of course. Pacific Ridge teachers are very approachable and will work with any student who explains their commitment to the club and seeks assistance with maintaining their coursework. There is a protocol for pre-planned absences that involves this kind of communication between student and teacher.

Q: Does the cost of tuition include hockey fees?

A: No. The cost of tuition is separate from the cost of Hockey. However, because Hockey is considered part of the athletics program, the school contributes funds to the club which provide some relief (not all) from the cost to families. This ‘stipend’ makes the cost of playing Hockey at Pacific Ridge significantly less than the comparable cost of Tier I Hockey programs

Q: Does PRS provide scholarships for hockey players?

A: No, but the school has a generous tuition assistance program, offering over $3.1 million in tuition assistance to roughly 30 percent of families. Tuition assistance is offered to families with a wide range of incomes.

Q: Is hockey looked at as a primary sport, or just an activity I can participate in with other like-minded hockey players?

A: While Hockey is a club activity at PRS, it is considered one of the main sports on campus. Since Pacific Ridge does not have a football team, hockey players are recognized for this activity as a primary sport and not a separate ‘off campus’ activity the students participate in. The Hockey team has weekly lunches on campus during the season and is celebrated with a pep rally during Homecoming weekend.

Q: Does Pacific Ridge have a rink on-site?

A: No. The Hockey club’s home rink is IceTown Carlsbad, a short 5-minute drive from campus.

Q: Does Pacific Ridge help hockey players with college testing, applications, and essays?

A: Yes. Our College Guidance program has a 35:1 counselor to student ratio, giving students all the in-depth support they need through the college search and application process. Students get exposure to College Guidance starting in 9th grade and start meeting one-on-one with counselors in the spring of sophomore year.

Q: Does Pacific Ridge have Post Graduate opportunity (PG) studies?

A: No. Currently PRS does not have a Post Graduate program.

Q: Does Pacific Ridge help hockey players even if they decide to pursue Jr. Hockey directly out of high school and not attend college immediately?

A: Yes. Our full College Guidance services are available to students who don’t immediately enroll in college. All PRS alumni can re-engage with College Guidance at any time. Thus, for those players who find Jr. Hockey is not for them, they have the additional support to start their college journey.

Q: What is the #1 thing Pacific Ridge provides its hockey players that other prep schools do not?

A: Pacific Ridge’s program is uniquely designed to deliver a first-rate academic education while providing numerous co-curricular opportunities to satisfy students’ multiple interests. One of the best features of Pacific Ridge with regard to athletic participation is that service learning, most clubs and other activities are built into the school day, allowing students to pursue multiple interests in addition to sports. The Hockey club’s practice schedule enables students to truly engage in their high school experience while also playing hockey and maintaining balance in their lives.